Custom Yard & Political Lawn Signs | Fast & Affordable Advertisement

Yard signs are a simple, easy way to advertise a person, business, or event. They are very popular in politics, but can be used by many different businesses, including contractors that want to promote the homes they work on, advertisers that want to promote an upcoming event, and more. Capri Signs NY is proud to be one of the number one providers of yard signs, offering affordable sign creation designed to your specifications.

Introduction to the Options You Have With Yard Signs

Yard signs are often used for political candidates and special events. The signs can be created to be single or double-sided, and we are happy to work with you to choose the option that works best for your location. We can transfer your logo or event language to your yard sign. Yard signs are also a great way to grab the attention of those traveling by, both walking and driving.

Yard Signs are a very affordable option for those that need a quick and easy space for a sign, and while they are not meant for long-term outdoor use, you can bring in the sign when the weather turns and continue to use the sign as necessary.

Yard Signs can be made out of the following

  • Coroplast or Corrugated plastic
  • Dibond 
  • Foam Board
  • Foam Core
  • Gator board
  • Sintra or PVC

Yard signs do not take up a lot of space and are easily stored until you need them again. Cleaning involves a damp cloth and a mild soap if necessary, which makes it a great low maintenance option.

Other Yard Sign Uses

Yard signs can be a way to fundraise, they can be used to decorate a combination business/house, they can be placed on job sites, and so much more. There are also many different types of yard signs available, and rush delivery is available for those that need it.

Whether you are promoting a candidate, raising awareness for the event, advertising a business, or something else, Capri Signs NY is the number one choice in BrooklynManhattanQueens, and more, and we want to be the first people you call to talk about your yard sign printing needs.

Contact us today at 718.476.1900 to find out more about our yard sign manufacturing services, and all of the sign making we can do for you. We have designers at the ready to start working with you and figure out the perfect sign for your needs.