Outdoor Sidewalk or A Frame Signs for your Business Promotion

Sidewalk signs are the best way to get information noticed by a pedestrian. Whether it’s information about a street or information about your business, a well made sidewalk sign will capture people’s attention. That’s why at Capri Signs NY, we are the leading supplier of sidewalk signs, and we want to make sure that you have the exact sign you need to pass on that information.

Primary Use: Sidewalk Safety Notices

Sidewalk signs are commonly used in construction and city planning, and are necessary to communicate safety notices, such as sidewalk closed. You will often see sidewalk signs around construction sites and road repair, and these signs are extremely important – designed to prevent serious injuries. The New York City Building Department provides sign regulations and it is important to stay on top of those as well. If you have a rush order you need completed for your sidewalk signs, contact us as soon as possible.

Other Uses of Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs can also be used to point people towards your businesses. A well placed sidewalk sign makes a visual impact on those passing through, and attracts people to your business. Advertise your services, your specials, or simply the nature of your company, and get people walking up to your storefront in no time.

Capri Signs NY is proud to be the number one sign manufacturer in the New York City area, serving not only Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, but also the rest of New York and parts of New Jersey. If we can get to you, we can provide you with the sidewalk sign that your company needs. We employ a team of designers that are trained to:

  • Listen to your needs.
  • Meet your vision.
  • Guarantee your satisfaction.

That is why we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and support, and offering you every step in the sign making process. No matter your sidewalk sign, Capri Signs NY will provide it for you.

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If you need a sidewalk sign from a licensed and insured sign manufacturing company, contact us today at 718.476.1900. Our company provides excellent sign manufacturing at surprisingly affordable prices, with a turnaround time that cannot be beaten. Call us today, and get started on your next New York sign.