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Retractable Banners Stands - A Portable Solution for Trade Show Display

Banner stands are a very common sign seen at seminars, trade shows, mall stands, and anywhere that requires a noticeable sign to get your products or services notes. Banner stands can incorporate images, logos, text, and more, and are designed specifically to get the attention of those that pass by. If you are in need of a banner stand, contact Capri Signs NY today – the leading sign company in New York and New Jersey.

Why Banner Stands?

If your business spends time at traveling trade shows or exhibitions, banner stands may be a great option for you because they are easily transportable and quite durable. Banner stands are also great for colleges to use to advertise registration dates, tours, and other campus happenings. The signs can be used over and over again for reoccurring events, making the banner stand even more cost-effective.

These types of signs are also large and look very professional so that a potential customer can see your sign from down the hallway. Many banner stands can be adjustable which can help with visibility depending on your location. You can work with Capri Signs NY's designers to create the banner stand that suits your needs.

Banner Stand Usage

Banner stands are not only for exhibition halls, they can be used in retail stores as well to indicate special sales and pull those passing by into your store. Banner stands are the perfect way to:

  • Advertise – Banner stands are a great way to advertise new products or services, because they're large and noticeable by anyone that walks by.
  • Decorate Mall Kiosks – Banner stands can also work well with mall kiosks to catch the attention from potential patrons from any directions.
  • Academic Poster Presentations – Graphs and charts are easy to transfer onto our banner stands so help present your information to students and researchers.

The best banner stand images tend to be those with vibrant colors and bold images. Anything that will be eye-catching is a perfect image to have on a banner stand, and your own creativity can be put on display with your banner ideas.

Banner Stand Ordering

Whether you are in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, we can work with you to accommodate your order. Capri Signs NY also offers delivery to select areas and rush orders are also available.

If you would like to have a banner stand made for your business or event, or have any questions, call Capri Signs NY at 718.476.1900. Our designers are eager to work with you to see your vision come to life on a banner stand.