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Contractors often deal with dangers, and have regulatory needs that require certain notifications to be made public. That’s why contractors are often in need of quality signs – signs that can be placed in the specified locations to keep you safe from legal issues. Capri Signs NY is the number one provider of these types of contractor signs in the Greater New York area, providing the highest quality signs at very affordable pricing.

Purposes of Contractor Signs

Safety is probably the number one concern on a construction site. That’s why contractors use these signs to communicate safety issues to anyone that walks by. Contractor signs can include:

  • Work plans
  • Regulatory signs (example: do not enter, no smoking, etc.)
  • Warning signs (example: sidewalk closed, hard hat area, etc.)

The sign can be made to be single or double sided, depending on what you think will work best for the site and your situation, and the signs can be manufactured using bright colors so as to attract attention, especially when it is a safety or regulatory sign.

In New York, these signs are mandatory, often on short notice. For example, The New York City Building Department requires certain signs to be displayed at a work place. One particular sign is called a 311 sign and it is used to report unsafe conditions ore report emergencies that may be occurring at a job site. Without this sign, you could be subjecting yourself to legal issues.

This is why Capri Signs NY has rush delivery available, and why it’s important that you work with a reliable company that makes signs of the highest quality.

Other Uses for Contractor Signs

Contractor signs are not just used for safety and regulatory purposes, they can also be used to market your contractor services. You can place a contractor sign on the site you are currently working to advertise your services. There is also the option of displaying the contractor sign once the work is done, so as to market your finished product and acquire new customers.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need these contractor signs, contact Capri Signs NY today. We specialize in creating signs on short notice according to your exact needs, and are proud to help work with you to create the signs that are best for you.

If you would like a contractor sign made for your business, contact us today at 718.476.1900. We have years of experience creating these high quality signs, and are ready to make the perfect sign for you.